Thursday, April 2, 2009

WTF? ID Request for Early Finds

These were found growing around the trunk of a standing dead pine tree. They appear widely-spaced around the trunk, not clustered. Average size is about an inch, some bigger some smaller. The golden-orange color attracted my attention.

The skin or peridium is very smooth, somewhat shiny, thick and tough. Initial appearance resembles a balloon being squeezed out under pressure from fissures in the tree bark. It resisted being cut with a sharp knife. Taste is bitter, more so than other puffballs I've tasted. On slicing, I was surprised to find it hollow. I will have to check others to see if they too are hollow. IDs are welcome.

A comment to this post suggests this is actually a polypore, Cryptoporus volvatus! If the chance arises, I'll return to the tree to see if the mushrooms have matured into a form more resembling a polypore.


Darvin DeShazer said...

Cryptoporus volvatus
A polypore!

riburr said...

Appreciate the ID. Would not have thought it was a polypore. I will try to revisit the mushrooms to see if they more resemble a polypore after maturity.