Thursday, April 2, 2009

Early Find ID Request

Critters were digging holes in the soil in the front yard. This is in the forest, and a large oak is near where I was finding the holes. Looking into a hole, I saw something light-colored, 3" or 4" down in the darker soil. I retrieved a small (~10mm), spherical object that looked like it had been broken open.

The peridium was hard with small, regular bumps (kinda like a basketball, I had to use a loupe to see them). The gleba was light-gray and pasty. On drying the gleba became powdery. Couldn't detect any odor. The taste is moldy. ID suggestions are welcome.

No suggestions as of yet (Apr. 11). I'm gonna hazard a guess; Leucogaster? This guess is based on the white mature spore mass, and the hard, rind-like skin/peridium. Animals (squirrels?) are still digging fresh holes where I found the first specimen. All the holes are concentrated in a circular area about 5' in diameter, with tighter clusters of holes within this space. I'll try to find another specimen, today or tomorrow. This being Easter weekend.

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