Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meripilus giganteus

The Black-Staining Polypore is found growing in large clusters, usually at the base of oak trees. It can reach substantial size, but is best eaten while still young and relatively small. Aged specimens become too tough to make for pleasant eating. Young specimens are tender and tasty. These will be marinated and smoked:
Meripilus giganteus

Meripilus giganteus in marinade

Here is the finished product still in the smoker. Flavor and texture are like a very moist beef jerky, but more easily chewed. Hickory aroma and flavor is very forward. Lemon juice in the marinade adds a fresh tanginess. There is no noticeable sweetness from the small amount of brown sugar used in the marinade.
Meripilus giganteus, smoked Black-Staining Polypore

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