Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Late Season - H. fuligineus cont.

Hygrophorus fuligineus is an incredibly tasty late autumn mushroom. Its appearance marks the end of the season. As a gourmet flourish at the season's finale, it is a fitting reminder of rewards once had and the promises to be realized in future seasons. I used the mushroom to make Asian spring rolls, supposedly good luck in China.

The mushrooms are cooked in butter in a skillet over low heat. Low heat preserves the tender nature and mild flavor of the mushrooms. Taste and texture are reminiscent of fresh flounder, which is to say not fishy.
Hygrophorus fuligineus

Green peppers and green onions are fried separately in olive oil. When sufficiently tender, the heat is turned off, the mushrooms are added, and hoisin and sriracha sauce are stirred into the mix. 
Hygrophorus fuligineus

Finally, the cooked mushrooms and vegetables are spooned onto rice or mung bean noodles placed on wet rice wrappers. Raw green peppers and green onions are added for crispy freshness, and the wraps are rolled up. The rolls are usually dipped in a spicy sauce between bites.
Hygrophorus fuligineus

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