Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home Fried Laetiporus for Breakfast

I have lots of Laetiporus cincinnatus in the 'fridge. Some of it was "dirty" with dirt and plant material included into the mushroom as it grew. I marinated the dirty batch, and include it on salads and linguine w/clams. The "clean" portion is exactly that; clean, only pure mushroom.

This morning for breakfast, I decided to fry the clean Laetiporus with onions in olive oil. I did not go light with the oil. I liberally coated the bottom of the small iron skillet, knowing the mushrooms would soak up most of it. The home fry consisted of equal parts onion, mushroom and potato. We ran out of table salt, so I drizzled a small amount of soy sauce over the batch.

Eaten while still very warm, the dish was beyond scrumptious. The onions were allowed to cook for awhile before adding the mushrooms. The mushrooms soaked up the sweet, onion-flavored oil. Medium-high heat gave everything a delicious brown glaze. This dish was so good, I'll make some for the wife this evening. I know she'll love it.


Anonymous said...

you must be a professional. Id be your follower but I cant figure out how to do it. I would love to be a mushroom picker. I lived in germany for a few years and people there were very assured about picking mushrooms from the forest. Here it is very scary (philadelphia) there sure are many different kinds.

riburr said...

I'd characterize myself as an avid mushroom forager, certainly not a professional. My enthusiasm comes from living in the forest, and being naturally curious about the many mushroom species I see growing all around me. Realizing *some* of the many mushrooms in the forest are edible, and even "gourmet," I took it upon myself to learn and distinguish the "good" ones from the "bad" ones.